About the App

Simplify the process of finding the right time to travel with your friends and family using TravelBirds.

Create customized trip ideas that you can share with others.  Choose a general time frame and let TravelBirds help find the perfect days for your group to go!

No more long text messages, multiple calls, or social media posts to find that perfect date. Download the app today!

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  • Where Can I Download the App?

    Download it for iOS or Android now.

  • Who Can Use the App?

    TravelBirds is available for iOS and Android users. Users will be invited via an email address. If you invite a user who hasn’t joined TravelBirds, an email notification will be sent so he or she can join.

  • Who is Vintoux?

    Vintoux (pronounced “vin-too”) is the parent company of TravelBirds. Their motto is “Online Tools for an Offline Life.”

  • What is the story behind the Vintoux name?

    One of the first records of travel for pleasure comes from the Italian poet Petrarch. Some have referred to him as the “first tourist.”  Petrarch recounts his story of climbing Mont Ventoux with his brother and 2 other companions. In honor of the story, the founders named their parent company after the location of this expedition.